Your One-Stop 360 EV Solution

Inchcape One+ presents a one-stop 360 EV solution, with services covering home charging solutions and public charging networks. Inchcape is committed to provide EV owners with hassle-free charging facilities and one-stop support, offering users a comprehensive EV experience.

EV Charger Expert

Inchcape One+ offers a comprehensive, hassle-free home charging solution to electric vehicle owners. Our EV and charger experts also provide free on-site inspections, consultation, charger recommendations as well as installation solutions.

Successful Installations
On-site Inspection and Consultation

Kickstarting Your EV Charging Journey

Step 1
Conduct on-site inspection and consultation
Step 2
Assess power supply capacity of the location and provide quotation
Step 3
Arrange installation of EV charger
Step 4
Conduct charging testing and post-installation handover

A Wide Range of EV Chargers

Successful Installations Across Hong Kong

  • Redhill Peninsula, Stanley
  • Parc Versailles, Tai Po
  • PARK YOHO, Yuen Long
  • Oasis Kai Tak
  • Mont Rouge, Shek Kip Mei
  • Peninsula East, Yau Tong
  • Pearl Garden, Conduit Road, Mid-Levels
  • Conway Mansion, Conduit Road, Mid-Levels
  • Kennedy Heights, Kennedy Road, Mid-Levels
  • Evergreen Gardens, Deep Water Bay
  • Mount Regency, Tuen Mun
  • Westland Heights, Kowloon Tong
  • Conwell Villa, Kowloon Tong
  • Peak One, Tai Wai

  • Casa Paradizo, Yuen Long
  • 33 Cape Road, Chung Hom Kok
  • Marina Cove, Sai Kung
  • Double Bay, Deep Water Bay
  • Belair Villa, Sheung Shui
  • Costa Bello, Sai Kung
  • 4 Shouson Hill Road, Deep Water Bay
  • Peak Gardens, Mid-Levels

  • Lo Wai Village, Pui O, Lantau Island
  • Ting Kok Tsuen, Tai Po

The EV-charging at Home Subsidy Scheme is currently accepting application

To accelerate EV growth, the Government has rolled out a $3.5 billion "EV-charging at Home Subsidy Scheme" ("EHSS") to subsidise the installation of EV charging-enabling infrastructure in car parks of existing private residential buildings, and hence further facilitate EV owners to install EV chargers at car parks of their residences according to their own needs. The EHSS is expected to cover about 140,000 private parking spaces in about 700 car parks of the existing private residential buildings and estates, accounting for about half of the eligible parking spaces in Hong Kong.

Custom-made Solutions

Inchcape One+ offers a wide range of EV chargers fit for all types of EVs and can also be customised! A waterproof EV charging box is also available to protect your charging facility.

Design your one and only EV charger
Offers car owners a peace of mind

Going Beyond EV Charging


Our line of chargers support custom-made options, providing a variety of charger appearances, styles, and specifications.

24/7 AI Vehicle Body Repair Quotation Service

Inchcape's first-in-market "AI Quick Quote vehicle body repair quotation service is capable of identifying across 100 types of damages and materials. Without the need for physical inspection, it can assess the extent of damage and provide instant quotation.

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All-inclusive Aftersales Support

Our certified team provides one-stop aftersales and value-added services, such as annual inspections, extended warranty, etc. At the same time, Inchcape has installed chargers across all service centers to provide more comprehensive services to EV customers.

Flexible Plans

The monthly fee includes regular inspections and maintenance, no hidden charges

Inchcape Auto Detailing

Inchcape Auto Detailing provides high-quality services, covering all-rounded exterior and interior detailing, anti-virus cabin treatment and car accessories selection.

Exterior Detailing

  • Platinum Coating
  • Wheel Coating
  • Headlamp Coating
  • Polymer Pro
  • Paint Protection Film
  • Automotive Window Film
  • Sunroof Protetion Film

Interior Detailing

  • Pet-friendly Cabin Cleaning
  • Comprehensive Cabin Detailing


BactaKlenz Anti-Bacterial Cabin Treatment

Car Accessories

Includes a wide range of dashcams

Corporate Solutions

Inchcape Fleet Solution provides smart and reliable carpark charging. They also offer upgrade solutions to corporate customers to support Load Management System, EV charger Payment System and facility management.

  • Inchcape provides hassle-free one-stop total EV charging solutions for automotive retailers such as British Motors Limited, including the installation of Schneider Electric DC 180kW charger.

  • The chargers installed by Inchcape for our recreation club meet government specifications, and the charging system and appearance color of the EV charger can be customised according to the needs of the venue.

  • Inchcape's services to ORA Hong Kong showroom include onsite inspection, technical support, electric vehicle charging facilities, installation advice and maintenance services.

  • Inchcape provides a one-stop solution for our business, helping us save time and reduce operating costs. They provide maintenance services for our fleet of more than 80 light goods vans and also offer a comprehensive solution for electric light vans. This includes vehicle purchase, charging point installation, and ongoing maintenance, all in alignment with our sustainable development policy.

  • As part of the "New Energy Transportation Fund" , aiming to provide complete charging facilities. Inchina designed and customized the appearance of the charger for Huiquan International Holdings Co., Ltd. to match the brand image and help the company accelerate sustainable development.

  • Thanks to Inchcape's professional and efficient services, we have successfully purchased electric trucks and chargers at a reasonable price, and continued to receive proper maintenance services to keep the vehicles in top condition. This not only improves fleet size and service efficiency, but also fulfills our goal of supporting sustainable development.

Charge Point Operator

Inchcape One+ delivers one-stop EV charging solutions for retail and corporate clients. Charging stations set up in designated aftersales service centers are expanding Hong Kong's charging footprint. In 2024, new facilities will be established in residential properties, commercial and public sector buildings.

Active Expansion

Provide charging facilities in commercial buildings and petrol stations, piloting in Landmark East, located in Kwun Tong.

Inchcape Charging Stations

Installed chargers across all service centers to provide more comprehensive services to EV customers

What We Offer


Various plans are available, including individual, monthly, and discount for monthly parking tenants.


Easy-to-use self-service payment kiosks and electronic payment methods are available.


Both AC and DC chargers are available to meet different needs, applicable to all EVs

Why is Inchcape One+ Right for You?

Comprehensive Software and Hardware Infrastructure

Inchcape's cutting-edge electric vehicle charging management software with its charging network provides a seamless and outstanding charging experience for every customer.

EV Charging Expert

As a market leader in electric vehicle charging solutions, Inchcape provides expert knowledge and cost-effective strategies to address challenges faced by owners during the installation of EV chargers.

One-stop Solution Provider

Our team will customise a charging solution to meet your needs.

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Individual users

Inchcape One+ offers two types of chargers, AC medium speed and DC quick speed:

  • AC medium speed: 7kW and 22kW
  • DC quick speed: 60 – 180kW

There are several factors affecting the charging speed:

  • Power supply: the power supply of the building, the stability of power supply
  • Charger: setting of charging speed
  • Charging cable: single-phase or three-phase, the material of the charging cable
  • Electric vehicle: limitation setting of the charging speed, maximum charging power, charging status of the electric vehicle

  1. Please make sure that the plug of the charging gun is tightly connected to the charging socket of the electric vehicle, and that the safety device of the charging gun socket of the electric vehicle is automatically locked. (Please refer to the owner's manual of the electric vehicle)
  2. The method to start charging will vary depending on the type of charger installed by the owner, for example: free charging without authentication, tap to start, and start via an App. Please make sure to start charging in the correct way.
  3. If you encounter this problem at a public charging station, you may contact the charging service provider to check the background data.

When the electric vehicle is charging, neither the charger nor the electric vehicle will allow the owner to pull out the charging cable.

When the electric vehicle is not charging, but if the charger and the electric vehicle are in a state of communication, the charger and the electric vehicle will not allow the owner to pull out the charging cable.

  1. Please make sure the charger stops charging the electric vehicle first. The method of stopping charging will vary depending on the type of charger installed by the user, for example: through the vehicle unlock function, tap card, and App.
  2. The charging gun socket of the electric vehicle generally has a safety device. You can try to activate the lock function of the electric vehicle again, and then unlock it immediately. You can try to press the unlock button on the remote control twice. (Please refer to the owner's manual of the electric vehicle)
  3. If you encounter this problem at a public charging station, you can contact the charging service provider to check the background data.

The following are the main considerations for different property types:

  • House: power supply
  • Village house: whether to lease the parking space, the location of the electric meter
  • Housing estate: property management company, owners corporation, power supply

In addition, the distance from the power supply, the complexity of the project caused by the buried environment, such as: working at heights, digging the ground, etc., and the additional requirements of the property management company or the owners' corporation will also affect the installation cost.

Please contact us for professional installation solutions and consultation.